Conserving rainwater in rural areas
Water shortage is an acute problem that bothers rural people especially women who have to go to far flung places to bring water when they are already overloaded with work. The video shows how rainwater tanks have addressed water crisis of grassroot communities in villages of Karnataka and spread cheerfulness around
Fresh water is a finite and vulnerable resource, critical to sustain life, development and the environment. There are many pressures on water – population growth, urbanisation, land use change and the need to grow more food. Climate change is an added stress affecting a variety of human and ecological systems through changes in water supply and quality for drinking and irrigation  more...
17-05-2011 RAWALPINDI: People in the suburbs of Rawalpindi and Islamabad must feel like they are living in a desert due to the aggravated water crisis.  more...
24-03-2009 United Nations World Water Development Report: Water in a Changing World (WWDR-3) released recently focuses on linking water to the decisions on sustainable development. It presents a comprehensive review of the world’s freshwater resources and addresses various themes for a holistic living.   more...