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This video gives a comprehensive picture of the growing instability in our ecosystem due to the existing practices. By raising awareness about the exigency of the situation, it calls for necessary actions in the direction.
Climate change is a global phenomenon and can no longer be considered an issue to be discussed and debated in scientific forums alone. Effective communications on climate change can help generate the right sort of awareness and action. Climate information in the form of trends and forecasts, combined with tried and tested disaster risk reduction measures, can enable communities to prepare for and cope with them.   more...
24-07-2009 Erratic power supply had escalated the cost of a housing project in western India till the builder switched to a windmill. Now in its second phase, the project uses wind energy to run machines and elevators while construction work goes on uninterrupted.  more...

Cover page of the guide/ Photo credit: Environment Law Institute

15-09-2009 Alike its earlier two editions, Reporting on Climate Change: Understanding the Science is a guide written primarily for editors and journalists interested in the subject. Over the years this resource by Environment Law Institute has evolved into a lucid deconstruction of climate change for communicators and educators as well.  more...