Vermicompost: waste recycled to manure
Video gives useful information about worm fertilizer while illustrating a large-scale worm casting production. The process of composting is simple and can be practiced by individuals in their homes, farmers on their land, and industrially by industries.
Climate change is causing grave impact on global agriculture, threatening food security and livelihoods of farmers. Agricultural sustainability is being impacted in two interrelated ways: first, by diminishing the long-term ability of agroeco-systems to provide food for the world's population; and second, by inducing shifts in agricultural regions that may encroach upon natural  more...
19-05-2011 JAIPUR: Rajasthan Agriculture Minister Harjiram Burdak has called for utilising horticulture for scaling up the growth rate of agriculture sector in the State to meet the challenges of climate change, depleting water resources, reducing sizes of farm fields and increase in population.  more...

Cover page of the report/ Photo credit: UNGEI

21-07-2009 UNDP's new document Gender and Climate Change makes the linkages between gender equality, poverty and climate vulnerability. The manual emphasises on the inclusion of women’s voices, needs and expertise in climate change policy and programming for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.  more...