BASIC nod to India's stand on climate talks

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02 November 2011

Environment minister Jayanthi Natarajan notched a victory at the BASIC talks in Beijing with China and other countries, cutting across groups strongly backing India's demand for center-staging discussions on equity, IPR and trade in UN climate change negotiations.

South Africa advocated that talks at Durban launch formal negotiations for a new compact bringing emerging economy under international commitments as well. But India, China and Brazil were united in opposing such a proposition noting that the developed world was yet to deliver on existing commitments and was asking for more flexibility from the BASIC group without any returns.

Natarajan won support for the inclusion of equity, IPR and trade issues on climate agenda for Durban from not only the three BASIC countries but also Argentina heading the G77 grouping, Grenada on behalf of small island states and Egypt representing Arab countries.

The four BASIC countries stated in a joint statement that India's proposal to include the issues of equity, trade and intellectual property rights would contribute to bring out comprehensive and balanced outcome at Durban.

At the two-day BASIC meeting in Beijing, the four countries upped the stakes on Kyoto Protocol with a warning that they would not support carbon trading with those developed countries which did not commit to targets under the second phase of Kyoto Protocol.

Also choking off any attempt by developed countries to use an impending review of achievements under the treaty to rewrite the UN climate convention, the four also took a common position that the appraisal should include assessment of the adequacy of global temperature goal, the sufficiency of targets of the rich countries and their financial and technological support to the developing world.



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